This is our beginner TaeKwonDo program specifically designed for children ages 5 and 6. Our Cubs learn to focus their attention, increase their confidence, improve their coordination and enhance their self-awareness. Tiger Cubs have their own belt ranking system and after they achieve the rank of Tiger Cubs Black Belt, they will graduate into the juniors' class as a Yellow Belt.



Our juniors program offers daily core lessons for

children ages 7-11. These lessons develop self-esteem and confidence, teach discipline and self-control, and can help channel aggressive energy.  Students will also learn lifelong self defense skills, and be encouraged to have positive work and academic values. 



Our teen class is offered for students ages 12-15. We have grouped these ages together to provide a more advanced level of instruction than the juniors classes, while also creating fun atmosphere that is relatable to their age. The environment may be more demanding but is achieved through individual growth. 



The adults class is for students ages 16 and up. In addition to learning highly effective means of self defense, you will also improve your confidence, strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination, all in a fun and exciting format designed especially for adults. As a means of achieving total physical fitness, controlling weight, relieving stress, or adding an exciting new dimension to your life, training in our academy offers you a safe, professional environment for achieving your goals. No matter how old or what shape you are in, we have a class for you.

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