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Greetings Round Rock TaeKwonDo Parents!

Today I would like to talk about how to use things from around the house to benefit your child's "At Home" training! Every child has gotten carried away sweeping the floor while pretending the broom was a Bo! I even heard of some of my friend’s children up north shoveling snow and thinking of it as "endurance" training! Now I am not telling you to strap a cloth to your child's tummy and have them practice army crawls across the tile floor and call it "training". Let's face it, that's just how a young martial artist does their normal chores!

Sometimes we think that we are unable or ill-equipped to practice at home because we lack the same pads or mats that we use while in class. With a little ingenuity and imagination, we can find things around the house that serve the same or similar purposes!

First on the list is pillows! Finding a nice sturdy pillow can act as a kicking shield that the parents can hold while their child practices their kicks! Of course, make sure it is a fluffy pillow or you might be surprised at how effective a little kid’s punch can be. If you have smaller pillows around, we can throw those around and work on accuracy with our strikes and/or kicks.

Next up is our mobile phone! Being able to see what you are doing helps a lot because you can actually see your progression. Another great use is to be able to show your instructor your form or technique, which will allow them to give you advice on how to make it even better! A great app to use for this is Coaches Eye. It will let you go frame by frame and even doodle on the screen, which adds another layer usefulness.

The last one I would like to mention is a windowsill or wall. Either can be used to practice improving balance while kicking. You can easily use a wall or windowsill to rest a hand on while you practice kicking. Slow tension kicks will help build strength in the legs. Practicing rapid-fire kicks will help improve speed! Be sure to pivot and re-chamber properly to build perfect technique.

Just about anything around the house can serve as a training aid. I hope I have been able to help you think with ingenuity and imagination when it comes to everyday items! Remember, the more we put into our training, the more we will benefit! If you have any questions about how you can increase the level of "At Home" training, feel free to ask us!

Brandon Toohey

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