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Brandon Toohey TaeKwonDo Instructor

TaeKwonDo near Round Rock

Brandon Toohey

Master Brandon Toohey started training in martial arts in the summer of 1996 in his first style of Karate in Austin, Texas. It was in August of 1999 that he was invited by a friend to try a TaeKwonDo class. After just one class, he, his brothers, and his parents signed up as students.

Early on in his training he showed an interest in leading other students. At the rank of blue belt he was invited to assist teaching beginner student’s classes alongside his instructor.

As a teenager, he was extremely involved at his dojang (TaeKwonDo school). Training in eight classes a week while assisting with children’s classes as a member of the instructor team and having a lead role on the demonstration team his passion for martial arts grew. He earned his black belt in April of 2001 and by February 2002 he began teaching martial arts professionally. By April of 2004 he was coaching and instructing full time.

In May of 2011 his goal of owning and operating a martial arts school was achieved when he bought Round Rock TaeKwonDo from his instructor, Senior Master Richard Johnson. Five years later, in May of 2016, he tested and earned the rank of TaeKwonDo Master.

Since he began his martial arts training he has won numerous tournaments and held regional, state, national and international titles in sparring, forms, freestyle forms and board breaking. He retired from competition in 2015 remaining undefeated in his last four and a half years of competition. His students have also had success in tournament competition having won regional and national titles.

In addition to TaeKwonDo and Karate, he has trained in HapKiDo, HanMuDo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts. He earned his yellow belt in Judo and still actively trains in BJJ as a purple belt. He has had the honor of attending training clinics and seminars from many Masters and Grand Masters including HanMuDo founder, He-Young Kimm, and MMA legend Royce Gracie.

While off the mat, he enjoys spending time with his wife, their two kids, and their dogs. He volunteers at local events benefiting charities and non-profits such as, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, F. A. R. M., Bully Ranch, and Out Youth. He also volunteers at public and private schools by leading physical fitness and wellness classes, giving anti-bullying talks, and speaking to children about the importance of proper exercise and nutrition.

His goal, through martial arts, is to inspire growth in people, mentally, physically and emotionally, so that they can positively influence their communities.

Master Toohey’s TaeKwonDo Lineage
Korean General Hong Hi Choi
Grand Master Haeng Ung Lee
Grand Master Roger Terrell
Grand Master Bert Kollars
Grand Master Don Anderson
Senior Master Richard Johnson
Master Brandon Toohey

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